Our aims

Crystal Services 42 Perryfield Road, Southgate, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 8AB Telephone 01293 412512 Facsimile 01293 513768

Philosophy Our aim is to exceed the customer's expectations at every opportunity. As a service provider it is of paramount importance that we assist in resolving problems, not causing them. Once instructed to provide our service, it is our opinion that cleaning (being a non-productive but vital service), should not involve additional in-house management and not take up the customer's own valuable management time that could be used more constructively in developing their core business.

We aim to provide a high management profile with a high degree of liaison as is commensurate with the contract, and aim to to avoid recurrences of problems by adopting a communicative relationship.

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Training At Crystal we fully believe that a comprehensive training scheme is vital to maintain a high standard of service. Managers and supervisors attend training sessions covering a wide range of subjects. Progress is monitored to assess the level of competence with reviews to clarify additional training requirements.

C.O.S.H.H. Safety data sheets will be maintained for all hazardous products purchased by Crystal which are kept at the clients site. Staff employed at client's sites will be made aware of the safety sheet's contents.